I’m Matthew But­t­er­ick, a law­yer in Los Ange­les CA ⁂ I work at the inter­sec­tion of AI, copy­right, and soft­ware ⁂ I’m cur­rently serv­ing as co-coun­sel with the Joseph Saveri Law Firm on class-action law­suits chal­leng­ing GitHub Copi­lot, Sta­ble Dif­fu­sion, Chat­GPT, and LLaMA ⁂ I’m also a typo­graphic designer and pro­gram­mer ⁂ I wrote the book Typog­ra­phy for Lawyers and designed the Equity font fam­ily, used by law­yers and judges world­wide ⁂ Phone = 323 968 2632; Address = 1920 Hill­hurst Ave #406, Los Ange­les CA 90027; Email = mb@but­t­er­ick­law.com (I pre­fer email.)